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Greenhouse 1 Electric fence

Greenhouse build. This features laying foundations, bricklaying, paving etc. ready for the installation of a Swallow greenhouse. I am new to bricklaying so this is a bit of a voyage of discovery! You’re never too old to learn!

Electric fence. After a violent attack on the lawn by an army of badgers, I needed some sort of deterrent.

Atco ride on mower tow hich Radiator control 1 Julian Rogers' Blog

Tow hitch for an Atco ride on mower. I also moan about the general quality of this piece of equipment.

Controlling individual radiators with an Adafruit Feather. This is an ongoing project (that is it’s not finished!)

I compare a Screwfix brushless drill with a previous brushed version.

Karndean Palio Clic

Laying a Karndean Palio Clic floor. This stuff is not cheap but is high quality and looks good (IMHO).

Greenhouse evironmental control 1.

Monitoring and control system for the new greenhouse. This is a work in progress but the aim is to do things like detect soil drying and provide the optimum amount of watering.

Radiometer 1 Wind direction indicator

“Digital” Crookes Radiometer. Measures incident solar radiation (probably!)

Wind speed and direction monitor. Part of my weather station project.

Dampness meter spin off Heater knobs1

New knobs for old - TR7 heater control upgrade.

Dampness monitoring thgamajig.

3-D printer 1

Balco 3-D printer. I don’t know anything about 3-D printers, so this will be a voyage of discovery!

3-D printer 2

My first (proper) 3-D printing project! (It’s a rev counter for my tiny metal lathe.)

LED panel lighting Digital pressure gauge 1

Cat assists with digital gauge for measuring water pressure.

Led lighting panels for brightening up the hall.

Pi Cam with Pan & Tilt

Rpi camera with pan/tilt interfaced with an Adafruit Feather.

Pektron Unit Explained (possibly)!

Pektron unit for TR7 revealed!

Pektron low coolant unit

More Pektron! This time the low coolant warning unit.

Wind direction indicator

PoMo bird wind vane

Automatic watering

Automatic greenhouse watering system

Greenhouse lighting 1

Remote-controlled greenhouse lighting system

simple audio mixer

Simple audio mixer.

Raspberry Pi case plus hard drive

Rpi case, USB hard drive holder & VESA mount.

3D printer projects so far

3D-printed stuff so far

HAL interface HAL interface

Interface evocation

Electronic thermostat

Electronic thermostat for TR7 V8

Laser cutter build - COMPLETED!

Video HERE.

Shocking treatment! Old electrical therapy machines.

Old tech - some quite recent!