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Greenhouse environmental control

I am hoping to describe a number of projects revolving round our new greenhouse. I want to monitor conditions in the greenhouse including temperature and water content in the trays and beds.   I also want to check out conditions in the nearby raised beds, directly measuring the water content in the soil and also measuring rainfall. I want to incorporate some sort of automatic watering system.

I envisage the system will be controlled by an Adafruit Feather (which I have used in other projects).

After a bit of thought and experimenting, I decided I would combine a Feather with a Raspberry Pi in the same box. The RPi will be linked by a programming lead enabling the program running on the Feather to communicate with the Pi over serial. The Feather program can also be updated and developed remotely as the Pi will be controlled remotely by VNC. Both the Pi and the Feather can communicate with each other and with other computers both Pis and PCs by UDP.

An extension to our WiFi was also required and this came in the form of an LB-LINK acess point mounted on a mast on the house. This provides a remarkably powerful signal at over 200m from the house!

Rain gauge Soil dampness monitor1

Rain gauge.

Water content monitor.

Adafruit Feather & Raspberry Pi monitoring & control combination.

Extended WiFi coverage.

Greenhouse 1

Greenhouse and raised beds (which need monitoring too!)

Extend WiFi coverage Automatic watering

Watering system

Humidity sensor

Humidity sensor