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The roof had been leaking for at least 10 years after it was damaged by the firm who installed our little conservatory. At last I summoned up the courage and energy to tackle it. By the way, if you want to fix your roof, don’t do it in August if the amount of rain which fell this year is anything to go by!

I had a workshop which was just about big enough to take a car and have a bit of room over. However, that space was taken up by the Porsche 914 which couldn’t be moved so I had nowhere indoors to work on anything else except a car port which is almost as wet as being in the open air.

So eventually I saved up enough for a garage. I feel wooden garages are in many ways the best as they tend to buffer the humidity in the air by absorbing moisture when it’s wet and giving it off when it’s dry (that’s the theory anyway!)

My son recently wanted to update his kitchen so it was off to Ikea…

Welding trolley

Keep all the equipment on one easily moveable unit. That’s the easy bit! All I’ve got to do now is learn to weld properly!

115 mm angle grinder v. plasma cutter

Grinder v. Plasma cutter

Is the extra money worth it?


Radiator re-boot

Radiator re-boot

Increasing the output of a central heating radiator.

Karndean Palio Clic

Palio Clic floor

Replacing a carpeted floor with a much more practical “luxury vinyl” Karndean Palio Clic floor. This material comes in planks and clicks together producing a tough waterproof surface (hopefully!)

Greenhouse 1


These pages describe the building of a brick base for a new greenhouse and related bits and bobs such as raised beds for fruit and veg.

Garden  Construction

How to build Pergolas etc. with arches and trellises etc. (or at least the way I did it!)

Satellite Dish

120 cm Satellite dish mount

You need a big dish if you want to get the BBC in the south of France! This is how I kept it pointing in the right direction.

Atco ride on mower tow hich

Atco mower tow hitch

Also I rant about this crappy mower!

Radiator control 1

Controlling individual radiators, zone valves etc.

Greenhouse environmental control

An attempt to monitor temperature, moisture content of soil, measure rainfall and control watering systems using a Raspberry Pi and an Adafruit Feather.

3-D printer 1

3-D printer

This is my entry level Balco 3-D printer. Time for an army of Orcs?

LED panel lighting

LED panel lighting

I wanted to improve the lighting in my hallway. The panels were too bright so I needed some DIY dimming.

Digital pressure gauge 1

Digital pressure gauge

I needed a way to monitor water pressure digitally.

Greenhouse picture gallery

Greenhouse picture gallery

Incidents in the construction of my greenhouse.

photo copy stand

Photographic copy stand