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Raspberry Pi projects

Pi controller supervisor deveopments Control by VNC 1 RaspberryPi security camera

Security camera using the Pi camera and LED lighting unit.

Controller for four mains circuits using relays with provision for expansion by I2C, in particular remote temperature measurement for thermostat type functions. (Also see my port expander project)

Raspberry Pi running a Python Gui to control remote Arduino and similar controllers in the style of IOT. The touch screen has a Perspex surround which contains a proximity switch enabling the Pi to break out of a digital picture frame routine using an Adafruit Trinket to issue a keyboard esc character.

Power supply for the Pi with touch screen using recycled batteries from a broken laptop and a Sparkfun smart charging module. The unit works well with a BitScope oscilloscope module to make a reasonably priced test instrument.

Use of BitScope to analyse waveform fron piezo-electric sensor.

Use of BitScope to analyse output of TCL556 monostable circuit.



Supervisor & Picture Frame

Power Supply & BitScope