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Under construction

Test software for the door bell

This next program runs on the Pi Zero interfaced to the “door bell” and LEDs. It includes buttons etc which would allow the Pi to control relays and similar devices (but would need further relay drivers - transistors, discrete or as IC arrays or expansion via I2C as in my example here.) Download a PDF here.

This first program runs on a Raspberry Pi and turns a button on the GUI red when it receives a UDP message from the Pi Zero interfaced with the “doorbell sensor”. Download a PDF here.

Not much to see on the screen but this button goes red when a message has been received. Press to reset.

These buttons could be used to switch things on and off.

These widgets could be used to set the pwm (brightness) on the LEDs. These are disabled in the present application.

These widgets show the current pwm for each LED if you hover a mouse over them. Also, this one turns red briefly if the bell is pressed (or the knocker knocked!)

This label registers an acknowledgement of a message received from the other Pi.

It should be remembered that the screen shot above shows the Pi Zero Python GUI rendered on a PC using RealVNC.

Adding actual doorbell sounds to the project is next