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The security light comes on when the light falls below a certain level (set in the program although with the addition of a preset potentiometer, it could be adjustable. Once the light has come on, it stays on for a fixed period (see previous comment) then continues on for a (pseudo) random period. It then goes off for a fixed period. Then it waits for the light level to rise above a threshold (if night hasn’t ended already) before the whole process starts again. To reset, turn off the power (at the original wall switch) and if the light is dim enough, the light will come on.

The general costruction details are shown right. I have connected to the 230v supply with an in line plug and socket so that I can easily remove the lantern with its circuit for any work which may be necessary.

The software is next.

Security light operated by

Adafruit Trinket

3 X LED spots in lantern with PCB

TEMPT6000 sensor

New security light project

This new project uses an Adafruit Trinket as before but this time with a real time clock to set on/off times and a relay to switch mains voltage lighting. Details can be found here…

Circuit diagram