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I bought this car when it had only done 30,000 miles. (I think this might be the newest car I have ever bought!)

It was in great condition and very fast. (200 hp!) There was also colossal torque steer which wasn’t so good!

Gradually, however. It developed niggly faults - for example the alarm sensors had to disconnected to prevent the alarm going off randomly.

It got passed on to my son and eventually the engine blew the head gasket in a big way (no compression on any cylinders!) Given the range of minor and major problems I decided reluctantly to scrap it.

The seats live on in my TR7 and various engine ancillaries including the ecu were incorporated in my T-series rear-wheel drive project which has not come to anything (yet).

Rover 820 Vitesse Sport

Quite good for towing. (Putting the white Vitesse that way round on the trailer was a serious mistake!)

The two Vitesses at home.

A pretty handsome car, in my opinion!