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Under dash part 2

The sketch below shows the general configuration of the GRP under dash unit. It is roughly speaking a tray open at the back. The right hand side was originally open but I glassed on a side later. The original moded for the mould was made out of card glued together spray painted to seal it the filled and shaped with Polyfila, then repainted, rubbed down and painted again etc. as required to get a reasonable finish. This was treated with release agent (wax the polyvinyl alcohol the wax again) and laminated up to form the mould. The tray was then laminated in the mould with 2 layers of medium (450 gm) chopped strand mat. I should have used black gel coat to get a much more hard wearing finish than the spray paint I used!

The illumination for the switches is made from 3/8” thick black perspex. The hidden surface has a slot routed in it to allow strips of self adhesive LEDs to be fitted (Maplin N85CZ).

Left is the unit at an early stage of construction seen from the rear. The right hand side (left in this picture) has yet to be added.

Relay sockets

Central locking receiver

Davies-Craig pump controller

Wiper delay switch

Door lock switch

Power socket

Heater pump switch

Davies-Craig fault LED

Fuel pump interlock over-ride

Idle speed manual adjustment

Bonnet release

Cold start auto/manual

For further details of the cold start system see here…

For further details of the alarm/indicator/central locking see here…

More under dash construction follows next…