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I didn’t like the messy look under the dash with the choke, bonnet release, clock adjust and trip reset. So I decided to clean it up with a cover. This was an excuse to complicate things which is a trap from which I can’t seem to escape. Still it keeps me from hanging around on street corners.

The trip reset and clock adjustment went away with the new instruments (they are buttons on the instrument binnacle). I made an electric bonnet release (only active with ignition so a bit more secure - although I still have a mechanical release under the car as a fail-safe (it’s a poor workman who doesn’t trust the reliability of his own bonnet release but better to be safe than sorry!)

The under dash tray is also fitted with a switch to adjust the wiper delay, a switch to lock/unlock the doors, a power point, a switch to turn on the electric heater pump, a switch to over-ride the interlock that prevents the fuel pump running without oil pressure (if the float chambers are empty, the car won’t start without this), the button for the bonnet release, a switch to turn the cold start device from automatic to manual and a control to adjust the idle speed manually. The Davies-Craig water pump control unit is also just visible with its control buttons and LEDs. There is also a warning light for a Davies-Craig malfunction.

Wiper delay Doors lock/unlock Power socket Heater pump Fuel pump interlock over-ride Manual idle speed adjust Cold start device manual/auto Davies-Craig warning light Davies Craig control unit Bonnet release