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Under tray

I have been intending to make a under tray for the front of the TR7. The various wiring looms for the front lights and the pop up light mechanisms as well as the front of the engine, the ignition trigger wheel and sensor are exposed to anything that the road can throw up at them. So I feel some protection is in order. The shape needed to be covered is reasonable complex and a cardboard model would be a good way to start. However, in this case I started with a sketch and some measurements and then started working directly in 18 gauge aluminium sheet.

I decided that my main attachment points would be the two pieces of 50 x 5 mm steel which I had previously fitted between the anti-roll bar clamp mounting bolts and the front towing eyes in order to support my all-in-one bumper / spoiler which is now on hold (permanently?) (Also used to protect the Davies_craig coolant pump see here…)

The rear of the tray is held by the two rear bolts which are extensions of the anti-roll bar clamping bolts. The front is screwed to holes drilled and tapped (M5) into the previously mentioned steel bars.

This curved part was needed to clear the cage protecting the Davies-Craig coolant pump. (Also see here…)

This flap of aluminium is angled to deflect  air upwards towards the radiator.

These holes locate on extensions to the anti-roll bar clamp bolts.

Extra long bolts for the anti-roll bar clamp.

50 x 5 mm steel bar.

The bar is bolted to the front towing eye.

Above, the completed installation of the front spoiler.

These sheets (about 300 mm square) protect the opening below the pop-up headlight motors.

This picture shows the angled deflector that directs (hopefully) more air into the radiator.

The ground clearance at the front is now a little under six inches. I hope I don’t meet any really aggressive speed bumps!