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Diagram to illustrate how the parts fitted together. The Davies-Craig pump was fitted as low down as possible taking the cold water from he bottom of the radiator. This ensures it is least likely to pick up any air in the system. The mechanical water pump is replaced by a blanking plate and the thermostat is removed. A separate water pump is needed to supply the heater as the main pump mostly just pulses rather than running continuously.

A sensor in the hot water at the top hose sends data to the Davies-Crag electronic control module. I use a capillary switch in the cold water in the radiator bottom hose to control the cooling fan. I maintain it’s best to put the sensor here to ensure a constant temperature water supply to the engine.

Davies-Craig Pump Blanking plate where  mechanical pump was New fuse and relay fuse box for the cooling  and engine management (which didn’t happen). Capillary tube to top hose Electric heater pump Fuse box Thermostatic fan switch adjustment

Next some brake upgrades…

Rover cooling system