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Making the arches 2

To make the trellis, first cut a piece of 38 x 19 stuff to fit tightly between the two “ears” so it just touches the top of the arch. Then screw the two bits together at that point.

Then fit another piece above the first (see here for dimensions).

It helps to cut pieces of wood as gauges to the various dimensions of the trellis to allow the components to be easily and accurately positioned.

Next, mark where the curve of the arch comes on a short piece of 38 x 19 mm and cut it to size.

Tap it into place and screw it to the “ears”.

Cut a piece to fit into the middle. When you are happy about the spacing, screw the parts together.

Add the remaining vertical parts using gauges to keep everything as even as possible.

Lastly, screw through the arch into the ends of the verticals. Keep clamping the laminations together while doing this to ensure that they fit tightly together.

This part is done!

Climbing plants at the four corners with wires to lead the stems up to the trellis.

Note the chicken wire fences to keep out the rabbits.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of our rabbits are on the other side of the cage!

Next, the “roof” for the pergola. This is made out of 30 x 5 mm mild steel bar (this is black stuff coated with mill scale - it mellows down to a pleasant rust colour in a few weeks and will last at least thirty years, I reckon except in extreme coastal areas).