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This car is the 2 litre turbo version which is plenty powerful enough and more economical than the V6 (IMHO!)

I once encountered another in Bristol. It was the same model as mine. Unfortunately, I was not driving the Avantime at the (Avan)time.

We have driven it to France on several occasions and there the Avanime is a little more common. I managed to park next to one in La Franqui (a pretty little seaside town in the Languedoc). It was driven by a Brit!

This car is a bit of a design classic, was loved by the Top Gear team, was a sales failure and probably sent aerospace firm Matra to the wall!

The car has been passed on to my son. I hope he doesn’t break it (see Rover 820 Vitesse Sport)

Space-age dash

Extra hinge in door!

Look, no windows (Avantime party piece)

A rare meeting! Avantimes must get lonely.

These two spotted in the land of their birth.

In the south of France