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Car alarm system

The radiator in my kitchen was too small but there was no room for a bigger version so I built a computer controlled thermostatic fan to boost the output. The fan only operates when the water in the radiator is hot so does not need a timer.

This central heating programmer controls heating and hot water. The timings can be advanced, cancelled etc from the unit itself but the timings themselves are entered remotely on a computer running a Python GUI. This can run on a PC, or a Raspberry Pi or using VNC, from an Android phone or tablet

This car alarm system is fitted in my TR7 and it could be adapted for any other old or classic car. It is integrated into a central locking system and electric windows.

In this project, I fitted a cell phone module into an old phone making use of the original rotary dialling system. It’s quite a complex project and the add-ons and further develop could be endless…