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TR7 fails MOT shock!

Oh the horror! The TR7 failed its MOT this year. I certainly didn’t see that coming but I probably should’ve! Tony, the MOT guy, noticed that one of the anti-roll bar (US, sway bar) bushes had broken up and slipped out of its clamp, essentially leaving one end of the bar flapping in the clamp. This would have allowed the control arm of the MacPherson Strut to move fore and aft seriously disrupting the steering and probably making a big clonk under braking. I am sorry to say that I noticed none of these things (even when driving back from the MOT, knowing there was a problem. Man and machine obviously not as one!

Above left: the polybush had come out of its clamp and, once removed (right), it could be seen that it had suffered! In a way, I would like to claim that it’s a result of all the hard driving I have done over the last year. The truth is, I’m afraid, I tend to drive quite sedately and the mileage I have covered in the car is not great. I noticed that the people who installed the bush (I have replaced a lot on the car but not this part) had cut it down one side to make it easier to fit. Some bushes are supplied split and need to be to make it possible to install but not this one. The anti roll bar has a large radius bend at each end and the bush can be pushed on with a little effort and perhaps a bit of Fairy Liquid. Tony, the MOT guy and garage owner, was sceptical but, anyway, that’s my explanation for the failure.

Above left: this is what it should look like. Right: The TR7 up on the jacks. It would have taken about an hour to fix if it hadn’t been for the under-tray and other bits and bobs I have fitted! In the event it took the whole day.

Above: the SD1 had its MOT the day before the TR7 and passed with no problems. It looks a bit smug, I think!