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When I first got this car, I did a little work on it including sorting out the gear linkage (it’s the rear shifter rather than the better side shifting gearbox so the linkage can be a pain). I also replaced the dash surround which had split on top (California sunshine?) I also fitted Pedrini wheels which were an original option.

Since then, the only thing which has happened is that the workshop has filled up alarmingly with (if I am honest) junk and there is just no space round the 914 in which to work!

I have dreamed a bit though. How about a conversion to a 916? Unfortunately, that would require a great deal of 911 bits and they ain’t cheap! How about a small block Chevy? The adapter plates are available.

Then there is the Subaru option. At least that is a boxer engine. Lastly, and this is a possibility, turbo-charge the existing engine and fit modern fuel injection. Well my wife does do the Lottery ever week!

Porsche 914

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