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Phone final design part 2

This push button is currently used to call a number which has just been dialled and to select the speed dial option (handset on cradle, press button, dial saved numbers 1 to 9 - prerecorded voice confirms number - lift handset dials.

This rotary switch turns power on/off.


Access to charging socket. (Phone must be on to charge.)

Speakers (for Adafruit Music Maker).

On/off green LED.

Red LED indicates connected to mobile network.

Arduino reset button.

Looks right at home on our hall table (Forward to the Past! - Red glow indicates flux-capacitor is charging - actually shows there is a mobile signal!)

Phone final design part 3 Phone final design part 1

Under construction

A pdf of the latest software can be downloaded here. The program allows reception of calls, dialling out using the rotary dialler and dialling pre-stored numbers selected by the rotary dialler. Since there is no visual feedback save a power LED and a LED to show if the phone is registered on a network, audio cues are provided by playback of audio files by the Adafruit Music Maker.