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Camera software

I have made use of the software to be found on the Embedded Linux Wiki website. The page detailing the software is to be found here. This seems to be an really nt program and I have nothing but extreme admiration for the people who spend a great deal of time and effort developing such good stuff and make it available for free to programming simpletons like myself!

There are so many features and subtleties that , so far, I have just scratched the surface! The software serves up the live camera feed and it may be viewed by logging  page at the RPI’s address on a browser on any platform!

Below is a screen shot revealing a small section of the settings menu available. Clicking on the image gives a full screen view.

This is a still I downloaded The software is so well-written and easy to use! Also quite a high quality shot with a little photo-shopping. (It takes more than Photo Shop to improve the sitter though!)