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Arduino Cookbook, Michael Margolis, O’Reilly

IC 555 Projects, B A Parr, Bernard Babani

    The 555 is still very useful!

The Art of Electronics, Horowitz and Hill, Cambridge

    A classic with plenty of circuit examples

Electronics Circuits Pocket Book, Ray Marston, Newnes

Getting Started in Electronics, Forrest M Mims lll, Radio Shack

    Another classic!

The Boy Electrician, J W Sims, Harrap

    How to make lots of wonderful (now) retro tech like Wimshust machine, Spark Coil,

    Tesla Coil etc. Still promising myself I will make these someday.

Homemade Lightning, R A Ford, McGraw-Hill

    Wimshurst machine, Van de Graaff generator etc.

The Amateur’s Workshop, Ian Bradley, MAP

    Most of what you need to know for old-school amateur mechanical engineering.

Handbook of Line Communication, The Royal Signals

    Lots about very old tech but lots of foundation maths if you want to design and     analyse your circuits in better than a rule of thumb manner.

The Pocket Calculator Pocket Book, Goult and Pratt, S.T.(P) Ltd

    Very useful source of formulas for calculating mortage repayments, compoud     interest etc etc.

Solar Heating and Cooling, Lane Publishing

Science for the Citizen, Lancelot Hogben, George Allen & Unwin

    Science up to the 1950s but very good account of history of science

Bad Science, Ben Goldacre, 4th Estate

    Might stop us getting fooled again!

A History of God, Karen Armstrong, Ballantine

    How all sorts of religions developed.

The Occult Philosophy in the Elizabethan Age, Frances Yates, Routledge

    Fascinating age when magic and science crashed into each other. (Newton, even     100 years later, wrote the Pricipia but also tracts on alchemy).

The Shadow of the Sword, Tom Holland, Little Brown

    Interesting history about the end of the classical period and the rise of Islam

The Ascent of Science, Brian L Silver, Oxford

Where Mathematics Comes From, Lakoff & Nunez, Basic Books

    Argues that mathematics is not the universal language of creation but rather an     invention of humans - something I believe. We are far too presumptuous if we     think we have discovered the language of ”God”.

How to Make Your Car Handle, Fred Puhn, H P Books

    Old tech but physics hasn’t changed since the 1970s.

Prepare to Win, Carroll Smith, Aero Publishers

    Ditto as above.

Tune to Win, Carroll Smith, Aero Publishers

    Ditto as above.

Performance Welding, Richard Finch, Motorbooks

    Useful but some basics are assumed.

Welding & Cutting, J A Oates, MAP

Soldering & Brazing, A R Turpin, MAP

The New Glassfibre Book, R H Warring, MAP

The Modern Blacksmith, Alexander G Weygers, Van Nostrand Reinhold

    Great illustrations.

How to Restore the TR7, Roger Williams, Veloce

How to Improve the TR7, Roger Williams, Veloce

    Great if like me you want to fix up a TR7!

Roof Tiling and Slating, Kevin Taylor, Crowood

    This really helped when I re-tiled my roof in 2015.

Reader’s Digest Repair Manual (1972), Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual (1973), Reader’s Digest

    These two are packed with information! The DIY manual has been updated but I      haven’t seen it.

How to Build a Wooden Frame House, Anderson, Dover

    Lots of information but check with modern building regs.

Sharpening And Care of Woodworking Tools, J Sainsbury, Guild of Master Craftsmen

    Very good account.

The Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques, Ralph Mayer, Viking

    A fantastic book of the craft aspects of painting and traditional materials.

Drawing Systems, Dubery & Willats, Studio Vista

    Very good if you want to distinguish between, perspective, isometric,     orthographic, oblique projection etc etc.

The Ascent of Man, Jacob Bronowski, BBC

Civilisation, Kenneth Clark, BBC

    Two masterful books, one on science the other on culture written by two     intellectual giants to accompany two series from the golden age of British TV. Now     seen as, perhaps, rather western-centric, they made a very deep impression on     me.

Catch-22, Joseph Heller

    Still my favourite!

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