I began as a kid building crystal sets then single-valve regenerative receivers (from which I learnt that 150 volts DC can be painful). I graduated onto valve audio amplifiers (350 volts DC can be really painful!) then germanium transistors, integrated circuits (op-amps, 555 timer, logic gates). The along came the BBC 'B' with its 6502 8-bit processor and 6522 interface chip etc. For the first time the use of software to make things happen became a reality for me. For a very long time the BBC 'B' was the best thing around for controlling stuff (and I still miss it!) but the Parallax Stamp and Revolution Education  Picaxe came along and were small enough and cheap enough to fit into projects. Now we have the Arduino with all its shields and related products and  the Raspberry Pi (and a whole load of other stuff).


I began in my teens by beating out and respraying the wing of my father's Vauxhall Victor which I had managed to dent in a small argument with a parking meter. Later, I replaced the engine with a recon unit. I then failed to restore a 1968 Jaguar S-Type to such an extent that eventually it had to be physically carried out of the garage by a large number of people. After that I had more success building a kit car although it broke down on our honeymoon. There was then a bit of a gap while my wife and I had some kids. After that I was involved with too many old Rovers. Currently I am working on a Rover SD1, a Triumph TR7 and not working on a Porsche 914 for far too long. By the time I get round to it, cars will no longer be allowed (happening sooner than you think!)


I have installed more kitchens than I care to remember, put in a bathroom or two, built a garage and recently re-tiled a roof. Now I am trying to teach myself bricklaying. TIG welding is on my bucket list but it’s super hard to do.

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In the 1980s I fiddled with the BBC “B” and here, the “Master”. But more impressive is the volume and colour of the hair!

Dark glasses indoors and that pony tail, what was I thinking!