Cars Home Julian Rogers Home Vitesse Sport in the background I treated it to four replacement wings And fitted some reasonable stereo. Period Cosmic Alloy wheels Indestructible Ambla seats and “ET” head rests

CAY49K was a nice car. It seems it was originally owned by Vice Air Marshal Cyril Kay (hence the plate). His biography can be found on this site  I fitted it with replacement wings, and a Megajolt ignition system which was a fantastic improvement over the old contact breaker and distributor. The engine was very much smoother and responsive. If you used a timing light on the contact breaker ignition the mark was all over the place - it was a blur. With the Megajolt it was a rock steady thin line.

I left the ond system in place and it could have been reinstated just by re-connecting the original plug leads. It was necessary to keep the old system going, however, if you wanted the rev counter still to work. This depended on the coil current also passinf through the counter rather than detecting a fluctuating voltage. It was necessary to dissipate the high tension energy in the coil by connecting it up to a high voltage resistor. This was made from between 10 and twenty 100 k ohms 1 watt resistors soldered together in a row and slid inside a piece of silicon rubber tube. The other env of the resistor chain was connected to the chassis. Without this load the coil hay generate too high a voltage and possibly burn out.

I also fitted a reasonably decent hi fi system with an early version of an ipod reader, 4 speakers and sub woofer.

Unfortunately, I rarely drove it although it was always taxed, MOTd and insured and in fact it was a real pleasure to drive. But there is only so much time in the day!

Rover 3500 P6B